RTLS Technologies Behind AiRISTA Solutions


An overview of the RTLS location technologies from AiRISTA


AiRISTA has an active R&D lab where a range of technologies are put to the test. Some of these technologies are productized and described below. Others, like LoRa and UWB, are evaluated...

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Using BLE tags to track assets | AiRISTA


Using BLE tags to track assets


For a real time locating system (RTLS) to provide accurate, consistent information regarding the whereabouts of assets, it’s important to have a reliable means of tracking assets. There are many connectivity...

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Cloud based asset management: A sophisticated software solution


 Can cloud based asset management optimize operations?

Find out how cloud based asset management can offer a range of benefits to business operations in various industries.

As you acquire and implement more assets and equipment it becomes all the...

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Tracking medical assets with RTLS


Using RTLS to track and manage assets in a healthcare facility

To provide excellent patient care requires immediate access to necessary specialist medical equipment. When somebody’s life is on the line, mere seconds can make all the difference. In...

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Q&A With AiRISTA's CEO Sy Sajjad


We sat down with Sy Sajjad, founder and CEO of AiRISTA, for his take on navigating a technology company during these turbulent economic times.

Having founded and sold several startups, Sy (pictured on left) is a sought-after resource among...

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The benefits of using RFID tags in healthcare


The benefits of using RFID tags for patient and medical equipment tracking in healthcare

In the world of healthcare, professionals work hard to make a difference in people’s lives and provide the best level of care possible. This isn’t always easy...

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Customer Q&A: National Indemnity Co.


People are returning to offices as Coronavirus variants spread. Responsible employers aren't letting their guard down.

“I’m proud to work for a company where our CEO sees the value in keeping people safe.” Kim Barbaria, Sr Prod Manager for...

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Sensor Fusion on Display at Hannover Messe


Cisco Meraki infrastructure with airista's angle of arrival technology creates an edge platform to push sensor fusion analysis closer to production

Hannover Messe was held last week in Germany. The event is one of the world’s largest industrial...

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Customer Q&A: VA Sports Programs


As covid cases begin to surge, sports programs by the veteran's Affairs administration are protecting athletes against the spread


“The health of our veterans is first and foremost. We needed a way to help keep participants socially distant and...

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The Reason for the Exodus – What Nurses Really Want


Patient ratios are ever increasing for a workforce already experiencing burnout

On the heels of National Nurses Week, the disconnect was evident between nurses’ struggles and management’s attempts at redress. Nurses were posting to social media...

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