Convergence of Indoor & Outdoor Asset Tracking

The Challenge: tracking location of assets using a single tag as they move between indoor and outdoor areas.

There are a number of technologies that track the location of assets indoors. Similarly satellite and cellular based systems track assets...

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Learning to Live with Covid-19: Your Responsibilities

With vaccination rates stalling and mutations outsmarting the vaccines, its time to reenergize efforts around contact tracing to isolate the spread.

If the flu of 1918 holds any lessons, it tells us that the virus will continue to mutate and over...

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Observations From HIMSS: Will Industry Events Like This Survive?

Although the pandemic reduced foot traffic, events like HIMSS have intangible benefits that will help it survive.

With increasing competition from alternatives to industry conferences, events like HIMSS faced challenges even before the pandemic.

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Top 6 Applications of Healthcare Asset Tracking

The typical hospital has 35,000 inventory SKUs, but asset utilization is a disappointing 32%-38%.

The United States spends more on health care than any other country, approaching 18% of GDP. According to the Journal of the American Medical...

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5 Forces Behind the Explosive Growth of RTLS

"The indoor location services market to reach $55 billion revenue by 2030, up from $1.9 billion in 2021", according to Gartner®[1] 

Its not often that a market sustains a 50% compound annualized growth rate (CAGR) over 9 years. That might be more...

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Partner Spotlight: Cisco Meraki Bluetooth Integration

Partner Spotlight: Cisco Meraki integration to manage Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) traffic volume in RTLS deployments

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A Culture of Customer Success

AiRISTA Flow Extends its Commitment to Customer Success Creating a Customer Experience Team

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Return to Civility: 3 Healthcare Institutions Respond

Three healthcare institutions have created programs to improve civility using a variety of tools. Each addresses a different source of unruly behavior; patient-on-staff, staff-on-patient, and staff-on-staff.

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Legislation Underway to Deter Workplace Violence in Healthcare

To protect healthcare workers on the front lines and reverse an increase in assaults, the US House passed the Workplace Violence Protection for Healthcare and Social Services Act (H.R. 1195).

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Top 25 Healthcare Assets Most Frequently Tracked

The AiRISTA Flow Real-Time Location System uses Wi-Fi & BLE asset tags and the AiRISTA Flow Unified Vision™ software platform to automate inventory management and par level monitoring.

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